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Bay to Ocean Conference 2018

Join us for the 2018 Bay to Ocean Writers Conference, a one-day event featuring accomplished authors, poets, film writers and other instructors presenting in two dozen different sessions. The 20th annual BTO conference takes place Saturday, March 10, 2018 at Chesapeake Community College in Wye Mills, Md. (See "About BTO" for background.) 

See the BTO schedule-at-a-glance here, or download the full program in PDF format to see the full schedule and other details of the 2018 conference.

Speakers include Pulitzer-nominated poet Sue Ellen Thompson, award-winning fantasy romance writer Nancy Northcott, historical novelist Kathryn Johnson and best-selling crime thriller author Robert Bidinotto. Christopher Tilghman, author of the critically acclaimed novel "Mason's Retreat" and Professor of English at the University of Virginia, will kick off the conference with an 8:15 a.m. keynote.

All session titles and speakers for the 2018 BTO Conference are listed below, organized by general topics. Click any of the large "Sessions" button names to see full descriptions for all of those sessions along with photos and speaker bios. 


2018 BTO Program

Keynote Address

CHRISTOPHER TILGHMAN – Notes From a Writer's Life

Craft of Writing Sessions

ROBERT BIDINOTTO – Fill Your Story with Irresistible Suspense

NANCY NORTHCOTT – The Ups and Downs of Writing a Fight Scene

JUDITH REVEAL– Viewpoint/ Point of View

JANET BODNAR – How To Write—and -- Sell Articles That Inform and Columns That Entertain

PANEL: SYL SOBEL, TIM YOUNG, JACQUELINE JULES ​– The Craft of Writing for Children

JEANNE ADAMS – Plotting for Panzters, Or, How to Get to The End

JEANNE ADAMS – Mauled Men, Drowned Dames, and Crispy Critters, A Body Disposal Primer for Writers

KATHRYN JOHNSON  – Everything You Need to Know to Write Your First (Or Next) Novel

Genre Sessions

KATHRYN JOHNSON  – The Rebirth of Historical Fiction

KENTON KILGORE – Tenets of Technical Writing

LESLIE WALKER – Blogging 3.0: How Authors Use Blogs

Publishing & Marketing Sessions

CYNTHIA BLAKE SANDERS – Legal Considerations for Writers

MOLLY WINANS – How to Think Like an Editor

KENTON KILGORE – Hand-Selling Books: What I’ve Learned the Hard Way

LORIANN OBERLIN – Boost Your Bank Account by Writing

ROBERT BIDINOTTO – Target Your Readers to Maximize Sales

MICHELE CHYNOWETH – Speakers Sell Books

Social Media for Writers Sessions

LAURA REETH – Social Media & Advanced Marketing for Published Authors

LEIGH-ANN LAWRENCE – Branding You: How to Build Your Personal Brand Online

STEPHANIE FOWLER & TONY RUSSO – Podcasting: “So, What's Your Story?” 

Poetry Sessions

SUE ELLEN THOMPSON – Poetry as Autobiography

NANCY MITCHELL  – Poetry Reverie via a Rendezvous with the Sensuous

FENIX YOUTH PROJECT/AMBER GREEN  – The Last Word: Poetry as Activism

Bay to Ocean Writers Conference

March 10, 2018

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